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Doodle is a great tool for organizing meetings and scheduling events, especially when attendees have largely different schedules.

A few days ago, my boss made a Doodle poll to organize our development meeting with nearly hundred time slots. Since I’m a full-time staff, I decided to check every single checkbox on the poll, which is very annoying. I was complaining about it, and my roommate1, who was playing Halo in his room, came to my room to make a great suggestion: to use jQuery! So, here’s how a programmer would solve the problem.

First, you need to be able to dynamically edit the content of a webpage. Since I’m a Safari user, I used the developers tool that comes with Safari. Google Chrome offers a similar feature. There’s a great tool called FireBug for Firefox. If you’re an Internet Explorer user, well, good luck.

Second, you’ll need jQuery. Google hosts a jQuery file for your convenience. It can be accessed at Of course, you don’t have to use jQuery if you have other preferable libraries or you’d rather not use any. Other tools such as Dojo or Prototype can be also found at Google Libraries API - Developer’s Guide.

Under <head>, insert the following line to use jQuery.

<script src=""></script>

Third, check all the checkboxes on the page.

$('[type=checkbox]').each(function(i, e) { e.checked = 'checked' });

That’s it.

Now, enjoy your day instead of spending your invaluable time clicking the mouse over hundred times.