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I know I complain a lot for everything, but I really think this is worth complaining.

This morning, I was going to scan a bank statement before submitting to the international student office at the university. My all-in-one printer/scanner was sleeping in the closet so it was a pretty good excuse to unpack it and to bring it to life. I turned it on and found that nothing works due to an empty black ink cartridge. What the ef!?

Epson NX420 No Ink

I literally tried every single button on the stupid printer but no luck. I cannot scan a damn thing because there is no black ink. It’s like you can’t inquiry your balance in an ATM because it is out of twenty-dollar bills.

Someone has pointed out the reason behind is this to keep the inkjets from clogging when left too long with no new ink (wet ink). Sort of understandable, but I disagree. A warning message should be enough. There is no reason to assume every user of the printer is stupid. Ignorant users will screw up something no matter what.